Internet Safety Labs believes product safety is a human right, and that everyone deserves to know what's happening "under the hood" of technology. Independent product safety testing is crucial for all the products in our lives, and ISL serves that function for software and software driven technology.

We can't do it without your support.

We take no funding from industry so you can be sure that our research and Safety Labels are designed to keep people safe and informed, first and foremost.

If you find value in our research and tools, please consider a donation to support our mission to measure and expose safety risks in software.

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Welcome to App Microscope by Internet Safety Labs

Internet Safety Labs (ISL) is on a mission to quantify and expose safety risks associated with using technology as intended.

App Microscope displays Safety Labels for mobile applications. Currently, App Microscope contains over 1700 apps studied in the ISL 2022 K-12 EdTech safety benchmark.

Safety Labels are designed for app developers, school technology decision-makers, journalists, privacy advocates and regulatory enforcers, but can be used by everyone to better understand risky behaviors of mobile apps.

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